Transitions Lenses

The All-in-One Glasses: Clear Sight No Matter the Light Transitions® lenses are the perfect sun protection solution for the person who is looking for one pair of glasses that “does everything.”  When activated, they protect your eyes from 100% of UV light, help darken harsh glare, and adapt to changes in cloud cover. It is like an automatic dimmer switch for your glasses. Partly cloudy? No problem, the lenses will be partially shaded. Blue skies and sunny?  The lenses will be as dark as your favorite pair of sunglasses. Nighttime? Your glasses will be so clear that no one will know they are Transitions® lenses. How Transitions® Lenses Work Transitions® lenses are activated by Ultraviolet UV light. When the UV light directly hits the lens, molecules built into the lens material activate and change the color of the lens to be as dark as a pair of sunglasses. When the wearer goes inside or as the sun goes down, the lenses fade back to their original clear state. Transitions® lenses use this patented process to facilitate color changing and sun protection in the lenses. Eye Didn’t Know That! Transitions® lenses were originally called Photochromatic lenses when they were invented in the 1960’s. These original UV activated lenses relied primarily on silver halide being added to the lens material during the molding process. Silver halide is a light sensitive material that is used a lot in photographic film and paper. Types of Transitions® Lenses There are many different types of Transitions® lenses in a wide array of colors to choose from depending on your lifestyle needs. The best part of Transitions® lenses is that they can be built into almost any pair of glasses, in any prescription. The current line of Transitions® lenses is the seventh generation of the technology. There are two different modes available in the colors grey, brown, and graphite green.
  • Transitions® Signature The classic Transitions® UV activated lens is only activated by direct sunlight. This mode of Transitions® is recommended for the everyday eyeglass wearer who is looking for a pair that performs well outdoors yet looks crystal clear inside. Due to the fact that modern windshields of cars block well over 90% of UV light, these lenses will stay mostly clear in the car.
  • Transitions® Xtra Active This newer take on the Transitions® lens has all of the same features and benefits of the Signature line, with an added twist. They are also designed to have approximately 20% of the molecules activated by bright visible light. This means that the lens achieves a useful darkening element when behind the wheel of a modern car. The tradeoff to this is that when inside, the lens always has a slight visible tint. This mode of Transitions® is recommended for people who have extreme light sensitivity, professional drivers/truckers, or for people who enjoy the look of a slight tint on their glasses when inside.
To learn more, see how these lenses work in person!  Stop by our office for a free demonstration! Transitions is a registered trademark of Transitions Optical, Inc.