Whether or not you have a prescription, The Eye Doctors sunglasses are stylish eye protection. You can look great, enjoy the sunshine, and even participate in your favorite athletic activities with our wide selection of designer sunglasses!
Find the sunglasses that will work for your lifestyle by exploring your options below!

Sunwear Video
Enjoy our quick video about sunwear.

Nonprescription Sunglasses
Practical and stylish protection from the sun’s UV rays that show off your personality!

Prescription Sunglasses and Prescription Sunglass Treatments
Make the most of your time outdoors with clear sight, frames that work for you, and complete UV protection.

Kids’ Sunglasses
Adults aren’t the only ones who could use sun protection! Check out the styles your kids will love.

Performance and Sport Sunglasses
Wearing sunglasses shouldn’t prevent you from doing your favorite activities! See how our durable Sport sunglasses stay in place and offer you the best protection.

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