True Eye Experts Lens Treatments

A pair of prescription glasses can change your life. Which is why it is so important to make them as clear as possible by eliminating reflection and glare. This is most commonly achieved through lens surface treatments.

Over the last several decades, eye doctors and opticians have worked with several companies to make these surface treatments do more than just eliminate glare. There are now many treatments available that serve to protect the eyes, as well as help, provide clear vision. All of these treatments can be applied to the lens as a single layer, meaning you can combine these benefits into one amazing pair of glasses!


Lens TreatementAnti-reflective lenses (sometimes referred to as no-glare lenses) are utilized in the majority of prescription lenses sold today. The reason for this is simple: They provide better vision, reduce eye strain, and make the glasses look more polished. Anti-reflective lenses also enhance vision when driving at night. They do this by eliminating glare and reflections off the front and back surfaces of the eye, the same technology used in camera lenses, microscopes, telescopes, and glass surfaces of wristwatches.

Scratch Resistance

There is nothing more annoying for an eyeglass wearer than to have a scratch on their lens. It creates a distraction and unclear vision depending on the severity of the scratch. While there is no such thing as a scratch-proof lens, many lens surface treatments come very close. Current surface treatments include quartz that is ionically bonded to the surface of the lens, making it almost as scratch resistant as window glass.

At True Eye Experts, we use Crizal brand lens treatments that come with a free two-year scratch replacement warranty. If you scratch or damage a Crizal lens for any reason, we will replace it an unlimited amount of times for your first two years of wear! 

High Energy Visible (HEV) Blue Light 

HEV Blue Light is the light source that is emitted by computers, tablets, and cell phones. Early studies link overexposure to blue light with macular degeneration and disruptions in REM sleep. Overexposure to blue light can also cause excessive eye fatigue, twitches, and dryness. There are several anti-reflective treatments available to patients that block up to 40% of light on this harmful spectrum.

Water and Oil Repellent

Specialized treatments are available to act as a barrier to water and oil. This is extremely convenient to have on glasses because it makes them very easy to keep clean. These types of lens treatments are ideal for children or for people who work in messy environments such as kitchens.


This patented lens treatment is designed to resist water condensation and fog that occur when lenses transition from cold, dry environments to hot, humid ones. We have found that this lens works particularly well for people who wear helmets and have issues with their lenses fogging up from their own breath.