Pink Eye

Treatment for Pink Eye

Pink eye is the most common type of eye condition that our eye doctors see and treat almost every day. There are many different causes of pink eye, and different classifications too. Regardless of the cause or severity, our eye doctors can help you with treatment. We will make personalized recommendations about treatment solutions, prescriptions, and the recovery process.

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What is Pink Eye?

Conjunctivitis is the clinical term for pink eye. In broad terms, it refers to the swelling, inflammation and redness of the mucous membrane that surrounds the eyes and eyelids. This membrane is called the Conjunctiva. You may remember from science class that the suffix itis means inflamed or swollen. So, Conjunctiva + Itis = Conjuctivitis.

Pink eye is usually VERY uncomfortable and downright painful too. It is often associated with an infection of some kind and may have a rapid onset. This eye condition can happen to anyone at any time, but since it is so common, our eye doctors have lots of different ways they can treat it. Most commonly they will prescribe medicated eye drops for an immediate cure for the issue.

Even though conjunctivitis is common, it should be taken very seriously. Please contact True Eye Experts New Tampa or Trinity if you think you may have it.

Treating Pink Eye

Causes of Pink Eye

Pink eye is usually caused by infections in the eye. There are two distinct types of infections that require different treatments:

Bacterial infection: Most commonly treated with some type of prescription antibiotic eye drop. It is usually very contagious too if not treated.

Viral infection: This type of conjunctivitis is commonly misdiagnosed at walk-in clinics and can be made much worse with an antibiotic drop.

There are other causes of pink eye as well. Some of them are allergies, dry eyes, reactions to contact lens solution, chemical exposure, and complications from overusing contact lenses.

It is vital to have an optometrist examine your eyes if you think you have pink eye to avoid a potential error in diagnosis and to get proper treatment right away.

When to Seek Professional Treatment

How quickly you should be seen by an eye doctor depends on the situation. Our team can triage your condition over the phone to help you see the optometrist as quickly as possible (this includes the same day).

Some key priority indicators to look out for is if there is any pain, discharge coming from the eye, vision loss, or a sudden onset of symptoms. You should seek medical attention if you experience pain from light sensitivity or if you notice double vision or flashes of light.

As a general rule, seek treatment when you have any concerns about your vision health or when you do not understand the underlying cause of the problem. Treatment should be sought if the problem worsens or if it stems from chemical exposure.

Our eyes and our sight are a precious gift. True Eye Experts are always here to help keep them as healthy as possible. To learn more about treating eye health conditions, contact us today at 813-632-2020.