Diabetic Eye Care

Diabetic Eye Care in Tampa and Trinity, FL

Any patients with Type 1 or 2 Diabetes should have an annual eye exam to evaluate their overall eye health and to screen for any potential complications. Our New Tampa and Trinity eye clinics offer thorough testing and effective treatment for diabetic eye health to protect your vision and provide preventative care.

How Diabetes Affects Your Eye Health

Diabetes is a condition where someone’s body either does not produce enough insulin or resists insulin. This results in high blood sugar and the danger of sudden spikes in blood glucose levels. The eyes are in danger of harm due to this increase, which is why diabetic eye care is so important. This type of care focuses on risk reduction and education on how this physical health condition can impact your visual health.

Diabetes often poses the biggest threat to the retina. This is because the blood vessels in the retina sustain damage when there are sudden or major changes in blood sugar levels. These blood vessels are more vulnerable because they are some of the smallest capillaries in the body, and high sugar levels can cause your blood to become thick. The thick blood damages the walls of the blood vessels, which in serious cases can even rupture.

True Eye Experts’ Unique Dual Digital Screening

True Eye Experts use the latest technology in our New Tampa and New Port Richey eye clinics to monitor any diabetic complications. We have a unique dual digital eye screening process called iWellness that combines two key pieces of technology. The first screening uses an Optomap, a high definition retinal photo, to check for diabetes, high blood pressure, and stroke. The second screening uses an iScan, which is basically a CT scan of the back of the retina to check for macular degeneration, early-stage glaucoma, and potential dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Our unique dual screening allows for early diagnoses of both systemic eye diseases and other medical conditions to provide effective treatment as soon as possible. This overall wellness screening goes beyond just your eyes and is unlike any screening you will find in another eye care clinic.

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Generally, diabetic eye care requires the management of diabetes with a controlled diet and consistent blood sugar monitoring. When you keep your blood sugar at a healthy range, it is not only good for your body but also minimizes the risk of damaging the blood vessels in your retina. True Eye Experts can also provide effective treatment for complications and eye diseases impacted by diabetes such as glaucoma or cataracts.

If you have diabetes or high blood sugar levels, we recommend you come into our New Tampa or New Port Richey offices for our comprehensive dual digital screening. We can help you protect your vision and your overall health. Schedule an appointment today!

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