Comprehensive Eye Exam

The Importance of an Annual Adult & Pediatric Eye Exam

An annual eye exam is for more than just an updated prescription. It is a complete evaluation of your eyes’ health. It can provide early diagnosis for eye diseases and other medical conditions. True Eye Experts provide in-depth eye exams for both children and adults to help you receive the vision correction you need and to monitor your eyes’ overall wellness.

Our Signature V-Eye-P Exam -The Most Thorough Eye Exam in Florida!

Because of our commitment to exceptional eye care for all our patients, we have developed our own special eye exam that thoroughly checks the health of your eyes: The V-Eye-P Exam. This exam uses the latest technology to ensure an accurate prescription and lens fitting, as well as to TRIPLE check a patient’s overall eye health to help prevent sight-threatening diseases.

There is no comparable exam out there that takes three different diagnostic images of your eye:

1. Corneal Wavefront Aberrometer

This instrument takes a precise 3D scan of the front surface of your cornea, like a digital fingerprint. Any irregularities detected will help the doctor give you a more accurate prescription and prescribe you a better fitting contact lens.

2. Optomap Retinal Image

This instrument takes a high resolution 210-degree wide, color photo of the back of your retina. Doctors use this photo to screen for retinal detachments, cataracts, ocular melanoma, high blood pressure, diabetes, and other conditions. This image will also be filed in your eye health record and compared to future images to monitor any unusual changes in your eyes.

3. Optovue OCT:

An OCT takes a cross-section image of your retina, very similar to an ultrasound (only it uses light waves instead of sound waves). These retinal layers are completely hidden to the doctor and can’t be examined with a conventional exam. This imaging is so precise, it takes measurements that can detect irregularities that are 1/100th the width of a human hair. With an OCT scan, any macular degeneration, holes, or tears in the back of your eye can be identified and addressed. The doctor can even predict future changes that might occur in your vision.

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At True Eye Experts, we love being able to provide the most technologically advanced screenings to our patients to ensure their healthy vision now and in the future. Schedule your V-Eye-P exam today to triple check your eye wellness!

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